GTI's design engineers are not just employees - they are inventors, who apply their creativity and engineering innovation to meet the challenges associated with your application. Give us a challenge, we will find a solution.


We specialize in high speed, high volume, and hard-to-automate processes. We have extensive experience with contact insertion in electrical connectors, processing metal laminations, and other applications that require rapid handling of small and delicate parts.

Any automation integrator can put together general purpose components to get a general purpose solution; however, when one or more of your process metrics requires extreme performance beyond the capabilities of general purpose automation integrators, let GTI provide an engineered-to-order system that will out-perform any general purpose solution. Our design team has over 25 years of experience Tool & Die and Machine Building trades, that we will put to work for you, in the development of the simplest and most elegant solution possible.

Whether your application requires a fully automatic, high-throughput machine, or a less sophisticated semi-automatic system, we have the machine-building trade knowledge to satisfy your objectives.

See below for examples of prior work.


As a vertically integrated OEM, and we can provide any or all of the building blocks of an automated system. GTI will collaborate with your team in whatever capacity you choose. You define our scope of work and the interfaces with your system, and we'll deliver a sub-system or segment that meets your requirements.


Our engineering staff can provide any or all of a complete engineering package for your next capital equipment development effort:

  • Project & technical management work products;

  • Systems engineering work products;

  • Design solution definition documents, consisting of SolidWorks modeling & drawings for mechanical, AutoCAD drawings for electrical & pneumatic schematics;

  • Control system software (PLC / PAC programming & motion control)

  • Operation & Maintenance documentation.


Sometimes a machine is not working as well as it could be, but is not ready for the 'scrap heap'. GTI can return your old machinery to proper working condition, or completely retool it for use with a new product. Whether it is an outdated control system, or just worn out tooling, we can help you save money by putting your assets to work for you again.